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Application development, data scientist, Irina Rammos Rammos
The Hague, Netherlands
Activity description
SkyfloX is developing the ORCA concept, a concept that originated in ESA, which proposes to use Commercial Aircraft as a ‘Platform’ to carry sensors mounted on the aircraft. ORCA stands for Optical and Radio Frequency Constellation on Aircraft, and by mounting sensors on airliner’s aircraft, various Earth observation and Telecommunication services can be provided. Due to the vast number of commercial flights the platform can provide multiple daily revisits and has great coverage potential. Also, since ORCA payloads are accessible, the payloads can be accessed for maintenance and upgrades. Adding to this there are no launch and platform operational costs involved, thus making ORCA a sustainable solution by using existing infrastructure. In essence SkyfloX is developing a ‘missing layer’ of earth observation, alongside space satellites, high altitude platforms and drones, enriching the current data received from remote sensing.
Areas of interest
Earth observation, environmental monitoring, pollution monitoring, infrastructure monitoting, image processing
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